The Merry Christmas Puzzle Book – Coming Soon

The Merry Christmas Puzzle Book

Word Searches, Mazes, Cryptograms, Anagrams and Sudoku – Christmas Puzzles For Kids And Adults

Fun Festive Season Puzzles For All

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The Great Brexit Puzzle

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OK, so we’re all fed up with the backwards and forwards indecicion about Brexit. To ease the wait and to give a little light relief to the whole rigmarole we’ve produced a book or two to educate (?), entertain and help you to understand the procedure of breaking from a huge organisation without actually knowing what’s happening. (OK we’re joking – we’ve just created a couple of books that we hope will entertain you whether you are in favour of Brexit, totally opposed to it or you simply couldn’t care less about the whole thing).

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Mysterious Mazes – 100 Brain Challenging Mazes

Mysterious Mazes

Exercise your brain while having fun with a variety of mazes for Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors. Large, easy to see print. Random Levels Including: Easy, Medium and Hard.
This Mysterious Mazes puzzle book features 100 fun, exciting, and mind boggling mazes that will give you hours of pleasure as you try to find your way through the maze. The mazes are in different shapes and patterns (triangles, circles, hexagons, and squares/rectangles) to make things more interesting and fun. Puzzles are appropriate for adults, teens and kids who are looking for more challenging maze puzzles.
Ideal for using when traveling, sitting quietly at home or with friends and family. In fact, ideal for anytime, anywhere.
All maze puzzle solutions are in the back of the book.

LARGE 8.5 X 11 INCH (216 x 279 MM) PAGES


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Christian Word Search Puzzle Book – Genesis & Exodus

christian word search puzzle book100 Educational And Fun Word Searches – Genesis and Exodus – Large Print


Spend a few hours exercising your brain with these easy to read large-print Biblical Genesis and Exodus word search puzzles!
Each word search is based on words from the books of Genesis and Exodus.
This uplifting puzzle collection alternates between Genesis and Exodus and will prove to be a delight for all word search enthusiasts.
Christian Word Search puzzle solutions can run forward, backward, or diagonally.
Many of these Christian Word Searches share common letters and criss-cross each other for greater variety.
The Christian Word Search Puzzle Book is printed on 8.5” x 11” pages with an easy-to-read large typeface, making them perfect for everybody, including people with eyesight problems.




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Jeremiah & Lamentations

Proverbs & Psalms


5 Brand New Puzzle Books Every Month

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Just sit back, take some timeout and relax with your new puzzle books. Use them at home, whilst travelling or in a group. The choice is yours, but however you use them we know you’ll have hours of fun.

Each book is supplied as a pdf so you can download and print them at home as many times as you want.

The Puzzles For Puzzlers Club

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