5 Brand New Puzzle Books Every Month

new puzzle booksGet FIVE, yes 5, brand new puzzle books every month for just $9.95 a month AND with the first month for ONLY $1.00 by joining The Puzzles For Puzzlers Club today.

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How can you possibly go wrong with this spectacular offer? Take advantage of the Special Trial Offer and get 5 books for only $1.00 and then FIVE BRAND NEW PUZZLE BOOKS EVERY MONTH FOR JUST $9.95  – The books will be a random selection of Word Searches, Sudoku, Anagrams, Number Searches, Cryptograms and more. Each book will be exclusive to members of The Puzzles For Puzzlers Club and will not be available anywhere else.

Just sit back, take some timeout and relax with your new puzzle books. Use them at home, whilst travelling or in a group. The choice is yours, but however you use them we know you’ll have hours of fun.

Each book is supplied as a pdf so you can download and print them at home as many times as you want.

The Puzzles For Puzzlers Club

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