Birds of the World Puzzle Book – Coming Soon

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Over 400 Brand New Birds Of The World Word Puzzles for Adults and Children

Over 400 Brand New Word Puzzles For Fun And Education
Spend a few hours (or more) exercising your brain with these easy to read large-print Birds of the World word puzzles.
This fun puzzle collection contains Word Searches, Word Scrambles/Anagrams and Cryptograms and will prove to be a delight for all word puzzle enthusiasts.
Each puzzle page contains both the puzzle and a stunning background photograph of different birds. This is a truly unique, higher quality book than the rest you may find.
The solutions to the puzzles (if you need them) are provided in the back of this puzzle book.
This book is perfect for using at home, whilst travelling, for all your friends and family. A truly educational, entertaining and fun way to enjoy your spare time and a bit of a challenge for your brain.

An ideal gift for everyone.

Over 400 Fun and educational word puzzles
Large print for easy reading