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Really, Really Difficult Puzzles

WARNING: I have never seen puzzles of this type anywhere other than those I have created.
I believe they are incredibly difficult and will give you hours and hours of pleasure solving them.


– 1 pdf file containing the puzzles and the solutions
– 40 original Random Letter Sequence search puzzles
– Large 8.5” x 11” designs that can easily be printed on regular sized paper
– High resolution images
– Printable PDF format
– Unlimited prints (for personal-use only)
– Great for kids, teens, adults and seniors
– Large print for easy reading


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– This Random Letter Sequence Search Puzzle Book is the perfect gift for everyone.
– Ideal for stress relief, calming down or simply having fun.
– This Random Letter Sequence search puzzle book is perfect for kids: The puzzles are not only fun, but they are an easy, ideal way to boost letter recognition.
– Ideal for using at home or when traveling.


**This listing is for the digital download of this activity book in PDF format. Please note that no physical copy will be mailed out.**


This is an original puzzle book that I have created.


You will be able to instantly download this book. After checkout you’ll be directed to a link to be able to download your file immediately. If for some reason you aren’t directed to the link after purchase click on your “purchase” page and click on “download.” Once you download this file you can print as many as you would like. If you experience any trouble with your order, technical or otherwise, please message me so we can resolve the issue.


Please do not re-sell these images nor re-share these images on websites, groups, or any other media without my permission. This product is for personal use only. All rights are reserved by myself and may not be reproduced.


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The Great Brexit Puzzle

the puzzles for puzzlers club

OK, so we’re all fed up with the backwards and forwards indecicion about Brexit. To ease the wait and to give a little light relief to the whole rigmarole we’ve produced a book or two to educate (?), entertain and help you to understand the procedure of breaking from a huge organisation without actually knowing what’s happening. (OK we’re joking – we’ve just created a couple of books that we hope will entertain you whether you are in favour of Brexit, totally opposed to it or you simply couldn’t care less about the whole thing).

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