Random Thoughts From A Puzzled Puzzler

Sometimes I am so busy researching new topics, creating word lists to transform into puzzles, making sudoku puzzles and the hundred and one other things that I do to try and maintain my growing book ’empire’ that I forget to actually to think about what the individual buyers of my books would change about the books..

puzzles for puzzlersAnyway,¬† I thought I’d go straight to ‘the horse’s mouth’ and ask you, the puzzle book buyer what you would like to change about my books, if anything.

Are you happy with the sizeof the books?

The Layout?

Is the printing quality high enough for your liking?

Are they too difficult, too simple?

If you have any comment you want to make about my books please leave a comment below and I’ll try and reply to everyone and/or make the changes that you want. However spammers will just get their comments deleted before they even show up on the page so don’t bother wasting your time and mine.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes

Séraphine Marie



  1. Dave Cox says:

    I like the size of the books. They are easy to read and that’s important to me.
    Don’t see how you could improve the layout. 1 puzzle per page is great.
    The print quality is fine.
    Some puzzles are easier than others but I like that. Maybe it would be better to have the puzzles graded into easy, medium and difficult but it truly doesn’t bother me.

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